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Before I go to sleep at night,

You’re always around,

When I needed you,

When problem’s on my mind,

You put my soul at ease,

There is no one in this world,

Who can love me like you do?

That is the reason that I,

Wanna spend my life forever with you

We’ve had our sweet memories together,

We’ve do made mistakes,

But who’d have guessed along that road,

We’d learn to be give and take,

But if we love each other, we won’t

Go that way, so put your doubts aside,

Do what it takes and to make it right,

I’ll love you forever,

Deep inside my heart

Never ever tore it apart,

“ I love you, babe

In the scariest way

I want you, babe

To stay with me

I love you, babe

Draw by chillicandy

Draw by chillicandy

jefflhlow is my personal initial. I am a fast learner especially in Information Communication Technology and Computing. I grow a deep passion in adopting fast growing technology, ever creative design and ever  changing programming method.

I am active in sports especially paintball had been my great passion. Paintball is the only sports I have always wanted to excel and growth with.

I love my family and putting them first in everything.


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