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Conference with Pat Mesiti : He was an amazing speaker…


Yesterday I was having difficulty going to Church to attend the conference. However I prayed to my Lord and my prayers were answered, I am blessed with a transport.

Today, I’ll be on HTV; HTV is City Harvest Church’s latest update about the church activities and event. Seriously it meant to sound like MTV, =P , however it means Harvest TV. I was interviewed by Natalie the host for HTV about, how I committed to City Harvest based on my blog which I posted, and the title is 11 March 2007 – A meaningful day in my lifetime. (Part 1 of 2). I was so excited as I am very impatient to see how the video taken. It was all fun during the video shooting, trust me, I was nervous and trembling as this is the first time I am doing it for HTV. We rehearse quite number of time and our stomach is growling for food. God was helping us in the shooting as well. During our shooting, God guide us to make sure the shooting is good, and when the shooting is bad, He will send the sound of thunder to alert us. Thank you Father.

Sharing a testimonial from Patrick and Pat
Patrick and Pat, their first pledge for building fund to City Harvest Church was 4 figure amounts. When they finally fulfill the pledge in October, Patrick was blessed with a 2006 bonus, pay rise in 2007 and praise from the top management in his career. He told us that this is God’s generosity and Patrick then decided to pledge to building fund but this time in greater amount of his first pledge. This is not the first testimony that God wanted to share with me, it had been many, knowing God that He was with us all the time had really make me so peaceful. Thank you Lord, for blessing Patrick and his family.

Pat Mesiti
He is a person live up to the nickname given by many people, Mr. Motivational. His preaching was exciting and meaningful; his expression really put us to remember certain important word of God. He was talking about giving out our treasure to God when He commanded us. There is a few reference in the Holy Bible did mentioned that once He got your treasure He will bless you with more than you pledge to Him. Pastor Pat Mesiti also share his testimonial during his public preaching in Ohio, US. A big size lady carrying 2-3 children in her hand walk up to the Pastor and tell her “God ask me to give you this one dollar, that is all I have.”. Pastor said to us that she is very poor and all she had is this one dollar that she might need it for her children. Today, this woman still keeps in touch with Pastor Pat Mesiti and he can see the progress of this woman family changing. The woman who had nothing years back, she is earning a great amount of income, she is some top executive in an organization and she never stop pledging to the church in Ohio.

It was a good sharing of loving our God and He loves you back in return. He never back away or neglect any of His children when they in tough situation

Are you preparing yourself?


Before You can be a leader, you must learn to be a follower

It changes my mindset and it motivates me when I attend a sermon by Keith Tay, City Harvest Church, Sunway City. During the sermon of “The Season of Life” topic, he asks us a question “Are you preparing yourself?” from through verses in the Bible.

Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind. Be sober. And hope to the end. For the grace that is to be brought unto you. At the revelation of Jesus Christ.
1st Peter Chapter 1 Verse 13

I have been bad in management regardless of time, financial, project or even life. I live a life of happy goes lucky. I am very impatient person, I don’t take thing seriously and I had been neglecting unimportant things. I constantly look for easy way out. Today, Keith changes my way of life and gives me a new challenge in managing.

Prepare your mind for action. Be self control.

“I will be prepare and someday my chance will come” Abraham Lincoln

I always understand that success is not easy and to be preparing which I learn years ago when I was a Malaysian Scout, “Selalu Bersedia” (Be Prepare Always). I have forgotten till I heard once again with meaning and answer to my doubts.

Success always comes when opportunity meets preparation
For every minute spend in preparations, an hour is earned
To be prepare is half the victory
If you are not practicing, somebody else is
Someday somewhere he will ready take your job

If you are not practicing..
When problems arise
The weaklings will cry
The efficient instantly find a solution
The wise already have one in reserved
And the wise already prepared

Once again I ask myself… Are you preparing yourself?

Keith shows me more depth example which really reflected my own life where I always compared with others. One example such as…

“When you are in primary or secondary school, I constantly think that I can get better result than this person. It just a matter of weather I wanted to do it OR not. If I do it, I can be better than him. It is just that studying is not my cup of tea. “
Then it reflects the following fact and truth.

FACT : Is weather I want it or not. I just don’t want it.
TRUTH: I didn’t achieve it and you don’t score nor success

It shows me that I am living in denial. I am feeding excuses just to be neglect from my own season of life. That reflects a motivation words;

There is no shortcut for success.

I know this words but I don’t practice it all the time. I will try to use His strength to achieve my short term goal and forget about any shortcut for success.

Are you preparing yourself to be successful? Then Stop feeding EXCUSES.

Keith mentions a type of person which he branded as Last Minute Person. This type of person’s effort to achieve his task will always be merely PASS or OK. The reason is people will have lower expectation because there is no proper preparation.

Being last minute all this time, I face a lot of challenge. Burning midnight oil, frequent small mistakes, stress and trouble social. In my mentality, as long I just meet the dateline, my task is done. I waited for the result and my superior said acceptable. I was so happy.

Is this what you really wanted?

Of course, NO!

Keith said that
God wants us to be EXCELLENT and not just a merely PASS or Average.

Everyone wants to be success but yet there is no one able to execute their planning until last minute. Don’t let people expect less from us. Don’t whine about tough situation which limit your success.

There is no shortcut for success it is a result of preparation, hard work and learning from mistake.

I will be prepare myself for success.


Are you preparing yourself?

Draw by chillicandy

Draw by chillicandy

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