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王力宏 – 一首簡單的歌 / yi shou jian dan de ge / A Simple Song by Wang Lee Hom


這世界很複雜 混淆我想說的話
zhe shi jie hen fu za hun xiao wo xiang shuo de hua
This world is very complicated, confusing what I want to say

我不懂 太複雜的文法
wo bu dong tai fu za de wen fa
I don’t understand language that is too complex

什麼樣的禮物 能夠永遠記得住
shen me yang de li wu neng gou yong yuan ji de zhu
What kind of present can be remembered forever?

讓幸福 別走得 太倉促
rang xing fu bie zou de tai cang cu
Allowing happiness to not walk too hurriedly.

雲和天 蝶和花 從來不需要說話
yun he tian die he hua cong lai bu xu yao shuo hua
Cloud and sky, butterfly and flower, never need to speak

斷不了 依然日夜牽掛
duan bu liao yi ran ri ye qian gua
Unable to stop, I still worry day and night

唱情歌 說情話 只想讓妳聽清楚
chang qing ge shuo qing hua zhi xiang rang ni ting qing chu
Singing love songs, speaking words of affection. All I want is to let you know

我愛妳 是唯一 的傾訴
wo ai ni shi wei yi de qing su
I love you; it’s the only thing to say (it’s everything on my mind)

寫一首簡單的歌 讓你的心情快樂
xie yi shou jian dan de ge rang ni de xin qing kuai le
I write a simple song so that you will be happy

愛情就像一條河 難免會碰到波折
ai qing jiu xiang yi tiao he nan mian hui peng dao bo zhe
Love is like a river, it’s hard to avoid meeting twists and turns

這一首簡單的歌 並沒有什麼獨特
zhe yi shou jian dan de ge bing mei you shen me du te
This simple song really doesn’t have anything unique

好像我 那麼的平凡 卻又深刻
hao xiang wo na me de ping fan que you shen ke
A lot like me, so average yet profound.

我一直 在思考 讓妳了解我的好
wo yi zhi zai si kao rang ni liao jie wo de hao
I keep pondering on how to make you see my goodness

卻忘了 常常對妳微笑
que wang le chang chang dui ni wei xiao
But then I forget to smile often at you.

失去的 忘記的 我會盡力去彌補
shi qu de wang ji de wo hui jin li qu mi bu
What is lost, what is forgotten, I will try my best to make up for it

妳是我 最珍貴 的財富
ni shi wo zui zhen gui de cai fu
You are my most precious treasure.

** Repeat chorus

深刻 簡單的歌 簡單的歌~~~
shen ke  jian dan de ge jian dan de ge~~~
Profound, a simple song, a simple song



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