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One Life, One Love


Who am I
That You would know me
From the start
Set me apart
Who am I
That you would place eternity
Into my heart

You have given to me
More than this world
Could give
My purpose
Is found in You

One Life, I lay at Your altar
One Love, I have with You
Touch me again
Fill me as You hold
My outstretched hands
One Word, You know I will follow
One Heart, broken to You
Use me again
Your mercies follow me
For all my days

In Your presence
In Your power
Holy Spirit, I surrender

Great Is Our God


Your Greatness
Has No Boundaries
My Heart is filled with Praise
You gave Your life to save me
And I won’t deny it

I am forever grateful
To you he highest praise
I am a child of God
No I won’t deny it
No I won’t deny it

Great is our God
Great is our God
Make His Praise loud
Make it loud
Make it loud

No I won’t deny it
No I won’t deny it

Great is our God
And He reigns forever

Michael Hui – Truth about Husband and Wife


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KL-Marathon 2012 : Coming up 24th June 2012


Are you ready for marathon challenge?

For more information, please log in to

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How secure is your password?


Today we have so many ONLINE services offering for personal/business banking, social networking, website, emails and etc… The only things that protects WHO YOU ARE and your PRIVACY SENSITIVE information stored ONLINE is your USERNAME and PASSWORD!

If you are a security analyst or IT Administrator, you know the rules of setting the right password and storing it safe! Unfortunately most of you are merely USER and have a little IT knowledge. I hope my guide would help you to be sensitive towards your password and also exploit what potential danger you might had exploit to scammer/hacker.

Today’s Technology

Many ONLINE website had already starting to offer or I can say “FORCE” you to set password that is so difficult to understand such as:

  • Your password requires 8 character long.
  • Your password must contain Alphanumeric.
  • Your password must not be the same/contain anything with your username.
  • etc…

Why are they offering/forcing you to set such password?
The answer is very simple and most of us know it. Making our life difficult or some says making it safer! Well.. regardless of what you say about it, you have to do it!

Is there a way to make it easier for us to remember the password?
YES! Indeed. Try doing this method…

Stephen Chow = $t3ph3n Ch0w
Password = P@$$w0rd
Insight = !n$!ght

Is not hard to put the symbols and numbering into a p@$$w0rd right? Of course, you learn something already.

DID YOU KNOW that by doing this you have increase the days of hacker trying to break into your account? YES! By adding extra symbols you have increase the possibility to even more! Don’t believe it? Try this website.
For example, insight is listed among common used password and will be hack almost instantly. But by using !n$!ght as password it will take 12 minute to hack into. So you make some progress here! Try to think a password that is 16 digit long and that would take the hacker longer time before he is able to hack into your account.

WoW! 16-digit long password? Are you mad?

Not mad but safe! You don’t want someone to steal your money ONLINE right or maybe posting PORN on your Facebook Wall. If you are so lazy to think of 16-digit long password, try this website.
Just type whatever password you want, could it be 3-digit short is ok! This system will generate 32-character long password and mostly contains like this:

password = 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99
insight = a463c42856028ccaa7b3f6939ad0dfb9

You and me are blurred and definitely will not store this password in our head! So, you just need to remember the english password and you use the tool from that website to convert the passcode for you. Voila! You have your most secured password in the world!

Remember guys! I am just making small effort to strengthen your password by making it a bit harder for people to guess your password. If they manage guess it correctly but you apply my method above, he will definitely give up because you have “strengthen” your password. Now, show them you are smarter in IT by protecting yourself online!

Stay tune for next update on


Dear Syin Big Birthday


Last year I did some in-house cooking which I blog “11 March 2007 – A meaningful day in my lifetime. (Part 2 of 2)” for her birthday. This year I felt a bit lazy to cook so I decide to bought her Roses with Tulips send to her office. Also this amazing gift that I show in previous blog.

* Dragging more time *

We went to this new restaurant & bar in Sunway to celebrate Syin’s birthday. I must say this restaurant and bar is very nice on the outlook. It called “Bar Celona”. I dragged along my 2 buddy, Simon and Kelvin to accompany me. We park our car outside of the bar at the New Sunway Pyramid Mall and it cost us RM 10.  ? 

We were about to pay RM 30 for our cover charge to enter the place, we saw our old friend working at the place. Eventually he is man-in-charge of the bar, we were so blessed to get in for free and also a VIP couch seating. He even offer us a private VVIP room but we know it will cost us something as tonight I got a mission to complete.

Birthday Cake

Knowing that I had familiar faces at this bar, I bought a cake and ask for his favor to present the cake. My man brought me to this cake shop next to the bar “Splendid” where they serve premium cakes and coffee. The shop gave me 20% discount for everything because my man was there with me. Hahhaa… Really a great blessing for the night. So I got this Chocolate Cake which recommended by the owner as he said this is the best selling cake. I can tell you that the cake is huge and really delicious. It looks very creamy and filling but when you take a bite, the cake just melt and the cream just taste perfect. Trust me, I had 3 of it! ? 

The Party
There were quite number of people celebrating with Syin. Most of them is her colleague and her colleagues’ friend. Finally around 2am, we left the place and I am suppose to send Syin back home in Klang. In the car, I take the prezzie out… hoping she will like it very much…


A new journey begins here…

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Big Prezzie for Syin!


It’s her birthday today…

I got a her a big prezzie… It’s really takes a hard time and effort to wrap it..

Here is some sneak view of the prezzie…

Going to give it to her tonight. Hope she really likes it…

If she really likes it then I considered bought myself a gift on my upcoming birthday.

Kedekut-nya!!! (Stingy)

Never thought I would buy it… However I did because…

I really like it!

Oh! Almost forgot!

Happy Birthday, dear Syin!

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Reborn of my passion! Paintball!


Last year I was so disappointed for not be able to participant in the game and I had lost my sponsorship to play again. I promise to myself to come back strong and highly faithful in the game I love next year.

This year…. 2008! I had made fulfilled my oath. Playing for partically sponsored team which comes from no experience and newbie players. I am honored to be the coach and player for the team to be the champion in the whole season and tournament.

Our first match commence on 16 February 2008, fighting from 0800 am until dusk hour 1700 pm. Non-stop warfare at the battlefield called Draxxusand Dye, which determine the strongest team ever in the Division 3. Pellat of paint flying everywhere hitting anything that goes its way. Blown up bunkers are everywhere for us to cover and take on our enemy.

This is the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) Championship at Xtion Paintball Park, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Who will be the winner of Division 3 Tournament Champion for 1st league? 

Team Dark Angels
Man walking slowly with BIG guns 

22122007 – KL Tour with Syin, Iris and Dillon

JLow > Syin > Iris > Dillon

It was great weekend and Syin‘s cousin, Iris suggested bringing her BF, Dillon around KL for a tour trip to visit some great place. Dillon was a good guy from Singapore and he serves the Air Force for almost a decade. WoaH!!!

Morning Breakfast

We only woke up at 9am and we head to pickup Iris and Dillon then we head to had BAK-KUT-TEH (Pork bone tea). It taste great and I had 2 bowl of rice to go with it. These pork meat it was so juicy and tasty. We had 2 type of it. The standard one and the dried one. We also add 1 plate of fried vege and 2 bowl of Youtiao aka golden deep fried strip of dough.

That’s it! 3KG is on the way to my body weight! BuuuRRRPppP!!!!

First Tour – Putrajaya
Since we are not very sure how to drive to Putrajaya through NKVE so I decide to take the Puchong highway. We finally reach Putrajaya after paying one toll cost RM1.60 at about 11am.

Now is photo time…
Our first stop, Jabatan Seri Wawasan, the bridge is magnificent as the design is unique. It looks like a yacht to me. Then our next stop is the prime minister office building.

It was a huge place and even before we reach there, the mosque built on the lake were our stop for photos. The scenery was just great but it was hot as there ain’t much shade around.

Second Tour – KLCC

Once we are done snapping photo and cruising around, we are heading to KLCC for the bridge. We reach there about 2pm and we suppose to walk the KLCC bridge, however the receptionist said the ticket were free and given away at 8am. She suggests that we should come before 8am for the tickets. Then we decide to walk around the exhibition room just next to the entrance.

We had some fun playing some of the gadgets they prepare over in the exhibition. We also watch a demo called Tesla Coil which generates a
deadly electricity to be hit on the KLCC model. They showcase it every 10minutes. Not bad though… I got video for it… Check it out!

Then we walk out of KLCC and head to the park and had some picture with the giant building. The park filled with people doing the same things and having some romance and family outing.

We walk to the bridge in the garden and I found a metal ball. I just simply take a photo of myself on the metal ball and I found it so funny. So I grab the rest of them and snap… Here you go  –>

Try to guess who is who… HAhahhaa….

Third Tour – Pavillion KL

Since we are so hungry and wanting to have some tea break. Syin suggest going Pavillion to have J.CO Donuts. That time was about 4pm already. Since KLCC and Pavillion is just a street away, we can walk over but I decide to drive better. We paid the car park for KLCC for RM 5.50.

As usual the J.Co Donuts is packed with more people than I first blog about it. Believe me or not, I got my 2 dozen of J.Co Donuts in less than 5 minutes. Hahahaa…. We dine in… And we paid RM31.50 for 12 pieces and a J.Co Oreo Freezer.

Not too bad afterall la… Then we walk around for awhile looking inside of the mall and snap some pictures too.

Forth Tour – City Harvest Church, Sunway
We left Pavillion at 5pm and heading for church service as I don’t want to miss the Kefira Show as I’ll be in SG the next day. I brought along Iris and Dillon to join us. I really hope that they won’t get bored le… However, getting bored in CHC? That’s impossible!

We finally reach church at 5:30pm sharp and luckily enough we have a seat. The church is already packed with people. Kefira Show was the 3rd production originates from CHCKL. The actor and actresses are getting better each production. David Oh is getting much more stylo and he got the character to his role in the show.

At the end of the show, Pastor Kevin said Kefira Show will be shown live at Plaza Low Yat at night and our beloved Prime Minister will be the audience together with many. This is really a great blessing from our Father. Thank God!

Fifth Tour – Sunway Pyramid

After the service, we went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner and also do some tour routine. Snap! Snap!.. We went for a walk around the new Sunway Pyramid mall. I went to Colin’s shop to look around and also I went to SUB to see what’s on sale. I got a white jeans for only RM 19.90. The price is just too cheap that I can’t control myself to get it.

Later we had dinner at Manhanttan Fish Market. It was nice and I tell you their seafood is fresh and soft. We ordered their Soup of the day for 2 as we are sharing and 2 set Catch-of-the-day which comprise of a soup and a maincourse we get a free bottomless soft-drinks. Then we ordered an appetizer which is Cheezy Mussel. This is very fresh and cheezy. I loving it!

Next our main course which is Seafood Platter. The waiter actually burn the cheese to melt in front of us before serving it. Me and Syin were bless as this dinner was paid by Iris and Dillon. Muahhahaa… A free blessing dinner.. However, Iris is more wicked than I am as I was about to wait for her come back from toilet and went to paid the bill. She came back and said it was paid.

Then we walk outside the mall to snap some photos with the Egyptian Lion. I never had a photo like this before.. This considered my first time thou…

Yup.. We went home at about 11pm.  The day is finally passby and I am almost exhausted but I was alive when I heard Syin said that Iris and Dillon really enjoy going to City Harvest Church with us. They felt a strong spiritual realm and Pastor’s preaching had shown Jesus’s characteristic which is a great counselor in their life. Therefore I am eager to wait for tomorrow..



My first little red book from my country…


It’s a great adventure I went through to make my little red book aka International Passport. I had been neglect to make the passport because I never thought I’ll be able to travel overseas. However I decided to make my passport for the coming trip to Singapore this weekend for Christmas celebration with “my” Syin and her cousin.

Putrajaya – Malaysia Immigration Department
I heard from many that I can get my passport done within the same day or in 2 hours. Since my trip to Singapore is going to be this weekend so I decide to get it done at Putrajaya.  Through Puchong Highway, I manage to reach Putrajaya at around 11am and I try to find my way to Precint 2 where all the goverment office located. I keep following the sign written “Precint 2” and PICC. I had a hard time finding the right building when I reach Precint 2. It is even harder to find a parking spot. Many car parking at the road side and the “P” basement is reserved for staff only.

I always had a habit to ask the receptionist or customer service people if I went there for the first time.

ME: Good morning, I would like to apply for a new passport. Where I should go from here?
Lady officer: You can’t apply here. You have to go to Pusat Bandar Damansara. We don’t accept any application new or renewal passport here. We only dealt with Immigration Passport Security matters.
ME: But I heard from someone that I can apply my passport here and I can have my passport the same day!
Lady officer: Who told you that? All this while, this building only dealt with Immigration issue. We never had any counter for new or renewal passport over here.
ME: OMG! If I go there now, can I get my passport the same day?
Lady officer: If you can reach there by 12noon, you can collect your passport within 2 hours.
ME: Thank you.

So.. I wasted my time at Putrajaya. I made many calls to get the fastest route to Pusat Bandar Damansara but however I need to go back to where I come from and head to Bangsar to reach there.

Pusat Bandar Damansara, KL – Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

I manage to reach there at 12:10PM, parked my car and head to Blok I and as usual I ask the officer at the counter for the right place to get my stuff done. She told me to prepare the following and then take a number at the counter written “Nombor Giliran”.

  • Application Form (Obtain from the officer for RM 1)
  • 2 piece of Passport size photo
  • Photocopy front and back of IC
  • Old passport (if available)

As I stepped out of the counter looking for photocopy machine and photograph. A lady came up to me and offer to get my photo and IC photocopy at RM7. I take the offer and she lead me to a small stall next to Giant Supermarket. I got everything done within 10 minutes.

The counter at 1st Floor of Block I

The place were crowded with people and I saw a long Q at the “Nombor Giliran” counter. However, I got my number at 12:25PM, the officer at the counter looks like a young graduate. He is quite helpful and the smile on his face really great. He stamped and staple my number on the form and told me to wait for my number. …BUT…  it was rather a bit disappointment.

Yes! You see it right.. My number is 1541 and current running number is 1329. Which means I had to wait for 212 people before my turn! Gosh..

It’s my turn
Hooray! I finally wait through 212 people and now it is my turn. But.. How long did I really wait?

That is 3:35PM. That is exactly 3 hours. Counter 21 is calling 1541… I walk over and hand everything to her. She got my digital thumbprint on both left and right then she ask me to ink and place my right thumb on application form. She gave me the bigger piece of the same number and wait for my turn to pay them RM 300 for 32 pages of international passport.

They separate the payment counter and the application counter. There are about 32 counter and 4 payment counter, 4 special counter(for disabled people and pregnant women) and 2 “Nombor Giliran” counter. Approximately 15 minutes, Counter 28 called my number for payment. I notice on the payment counter glass there is a sticker which show that they accept VISA, MASTERCARD, ATM BANKARD and CASH. I paid by cash and grab my receipt. She advice me to come back the next day morning after 8am and proceed to Counter 16.

So.. I left the place and paid my parking ticket. It cost me RM 8.20 for 4 hours parking.

The next day at 9AM
I went to Counter 16 and the officer gave me a ticket number for collection.

After 5 minutes…

Muahahahaha… .

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