One Life, One Love

Who am I That You would know me From the start Set me apart Who am I That you would place eternity Into my heart You have given to me More than this world Could give My purpose Is found in You Chorus One Life, I lay at Your altar One Love, I have with You Touch me again Fill […]

Great Is Our God

Your Greatness Has No Boundaries My Heart is filled with Praise You gave Your life to save me And I won’t deny it I am forever grateful To you he highest praise I am a child of God No I won’t deny it No I won’t deny it Chorus Great is our God Great is our God Make His Praise […]

How secure is your password?

Today we have so many ONLINE services offering for personal/business banking, social networking, website, emails and etc… The only things that protects WHO YOU ARE and your PRIVACY SENSITIVE information stored ONLINE is your USERNAME and PASSWORD! If you are a security analyst or IT Administrator, you know the rules of setting the right password and storing it safe! Unfortunately […]

Dear Syin Big Birthday

Last year I did some in-house cooking which I blog “11 March 2007 – A meaningful day in my lifetime. (Part 2 of 2)” for her birthday. This year I felt a bit lazy to cook so I decide to bought her Roses with Tulips send to her office. Also this amazing gift that I show in previous blog. * […]

Big Prezzie for Syin!

It’s her birthday today… I got a her a big prezzie… It’s really takes a hard time and effort to wrap it.. Here is some sneak view of the prezzie… Going to give it to her tonight. Hope she really likes it… If she really likes it then I considered bought myself a gift on my upcoming birthday. Hahhaa… Kedekut-nya!!! […]

Reborn of my passion! Paintball!

Last year I was so disappointed for not be able to participant in the game and I had lost my sponsorship to play again. I promise to myself to come back strong and highly faithful in the game I love next year. This year…. 2008! I had made fulfilled my oath. Playing for partically sponsored team which comes from no […]

My first little red book from my country…

It’s a great adventure I went through to make my little red book aka International Passport. I had been neglect to make the passport because I never thought I’ll be able to travel overseas. However I decided to make my passport for the coming trip to Singapore this weekend for Christmas celebration with “my” Syin and her cousin. Putrajaya – […]