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22122007 – KL Tour with Syin, Iris and Dillon

JLow > Syin > Iris > Dillon

It was great weekend and Syin‘s cousin, Iris suggested bringing her BF, Dillon around KL for a tour trip to visit some great place. Dillon was a good guy from Singapore and he serves the Air Force for almost a decade. WoaH!!!

Morning Breakfast

We only woke up at 9am and we head to pickup Iris and Dillon then we head to had BAK-KUT-TEH (Pork bone tea). It taste great and I had 2 bowl of rice to go with it. These pork meat it was so juicy and tasty. We had 2 type of it. The standard one and the dried one. We also add 1 plate of fried vege and 2 bowl of Youtiao aka golden deep fried strip of dough.

That’s it! 3KG is on the way to my body weight! BuuuRRRPppP!!!!

First Tour – Putrajaya
Since we are not very sure how to drive to Putrajaya through NKVE so I decide to take the Puchong highway. We finally reach Putrajaya after paying one toll cost RM1.60 at about 11am.

Now is photo time…
Our first stop, Jabatan Seri Wawasan, the bridge is magnificent as the design is unique. It looks like a yacht to me. Then our next stop is the prime minister office building.

It was a huge place and even before we reach there, the mosque built on the lake were our stop for photos. The scenery was just great but it was hot as there ain’t much shade around.

Second Tour – KLCC

Once we are done snapping photo and cruising around, we are heading to KLCC for the bridge. We reach there about 2pm and we suppose to walk the KLCC bridge, however the receptionist said the ticket were free and given away at 8am. She suggests that we should come before 8am for the tickets. Then we decide to walk around the exhibition room just next to the entrance.

We had some fun playing some of the gadgets they prepare over in the exhibition. We also watch a demo called Tesla Coil which generates a
deadly electricity to be hit on the KLCC model. They showcase it every 10minutes. Not bad though… I got video for it… Check it out!

Then we walk out of KLCC and head to the park and had some picture with the giant building. The park filled with people doing the same things and having some romance and family outing.

We walk to the bridge in the garden and I found a metal ball. I just simply take a photo of myself on the metal ball and I found it so funny. So I grab the rest of them and snap… Here you go  –>

Try to guess who is who… HAhahhaa….

Third Tour – Pavillion KL

Since we are so hungry and wanting to have some tea break. Syin suggest going Pavillion to have J.CO Donuts. That time was about 4pm already. Since KLCC and Pavillion is just a street away, we can walk over but I decide to drive better. We paid the car park for KLCC for RM 5.50.

As usual the J.Co Donuts is packed with more people than I first blog about it. Believe me or not, I got my 2 dozen of J.Co Donuts in less than 5 minutes. Hahahaa…. We dine in… And we paid RM31.50 for 12 pieces and a J.Co Oreo Freezer.

Not too bad afterall la… Then we walk around for awhile looking inside of the mall and snap some pictures too.

Forth Tour – City Harvest Church, Sunway
We left Pavillion at 5pm and heading for church service as I don’t want to miss the Kefira Show as I’ll be in SG the next day. I brought along Iris and Dillon to join us. I really hope that they won’t get bored le… However, getting bored in CHC? That’s impossible!

We finally reach church at 5:30pm sharp and luckily enough we have a seat. The church is already packed with people. Kefira Show was the 3rd production originates from CHCKL. The actor and actresses are getting better each production. David Oh is getting much more stylo and he got the character to his role in the show.

At the end of the show, Pastor Kevin said Kefira Show will be shown live at Plaza Low Yat at night and our beloved Prime Minister will be the audience together with many. This is really a great blessing from our Father. Thank God!

Fifth Tour – Sunway Pyramid

After the service, we went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner and also do some tour routine. Snap! Snap!.. We went for a walk around the new Sunway Pyramid mall. I went to Colin’s shop to look around and also I went to SUB to see what’s on sale. I got a white jeans for only RM 19.90. The price is just too cheap that I can’t control myself to get it.

Later we had dinner at Manhanttan Fish Market. It was nice and I tell you their seafood is fresh and soft. We ordered their Soup of the day for 2 as we are sharing and 2 set Catch-of-the-day which comprise of a soup and a maincourse we get a free bottomless soft-drinks. Then we ordered an appetizer which is Cheezy Mussel. This is very fresh and cheezy. I loving it!

Next our main course which is Seafood Platter. The waiter actually burn the cheese to melt in front of us before serving it. Me and Syin were bless as this dinner was paid by Iris and Dillon. Muahhahaa… A free blessing dinner.. However, Iris is more wicked than I am as I was about to wait for her come back from toilet and went to paid the bill. She came back and said it was paid.

Then we walk outside the mall to snap some photos with the Egyptian Lion. I never had a photo like this before.. This considered my first time thou…

Yup.. We went home at about 11pm.  The day is finally passby and I am almost exhausted but I was alive when I heard Syin said that Iris and Dillon really enjoy going to City Harvest Church with us. They felt a strong spiritual realm and Pastor’s preaching had shown Jesus’s characteristic which is a great counselor in their life. Therefore I am eager to wait for tomorrow..



15 July 2007 : Picnic trip to Hutan Lipur Sg Kanching, Rawang. Malaysia


It was a great trip and I was blessed with 10 of my hardcore friends to go for this adventurous picnic trip. It was tipped off idea to go picnic by Ken Lim and supported by Allan. Since my last visit to Hutan Lipur Sg Tekala, I volunteered to be the organizer. The plan was scheduled on 8 July 2007, due to only 4 people are going and CHCKL is having its’ 6th Anniversary; I decided to canceled the plan and reschedule to next Sunday.


ME the Organiser

It was not an easy task to organize this event. It took me great preparation to make sure the place is nice, safe and journey is reasonable distance. After much surfing and asking Mr Google, I found Hutan Lipur Sg Kanching, Rawang. Malaysia from



They show me some spoiler picture and road guide to this awesome place.  So I spread out the words through SMS to most of my friends. Many said “See First”, “Who is going?” etc.. I take a step of faith that this trip will be a successful one, I pray to Daddy and he blessed me on the 14th July 2007, night time from 5 confirmed people to 11 people including myself. Praise God.


From Left (Behind): Ken Lim | Jerry | Steven | Allan
From Left (Front): Kelvin | Ah Keen | JLow | Syin | Kar Lai | Ah Kee
Missing : Ralf



The Preparation

dsc02076We are going to have BBQ for the whole day and I decided to try out my Roti Lilit which I had always made during my scouting days. We are having sausages, sotong ball, chicken wings and chicken fillet for the BBQ. I will also buy some packet Nasi Lemak, one whole watermelon and one whole honeydew. Kar Lai also made us some tuna sandwiches. I bought a 5-Litre Mineral Water to mix 1 litre of Ribena. Not missing out some Kuaci, Twisties, MiMi and APOLLO cake.


Hutan Lipur Sg Kanching Introduction

It is considered lowland Dipterocarp Forest and mixed hill. This place is approximately 23km from KL, 2km far from Templer’s Park and also 7km far from Pekan Rawang by Rawang-KL highway. The unique of this place had 7 layers of exotic waterfall. Each layer of waterfall had a small pond fits for bathing.


There are car park, toilet and bathroom facilities prepared for the public to use. This is a great place for picnic, camping, jungle trekking, swimming and family outing.

Bathroom / Toilet : RM 0.50

Car Park : RM 2.00 per entry per car

Entrance Fee : RM 1.00 per person


Our journey begins

I suppose to pickup Kar Lai at Bukit Jalil before 9am but I was late getting stuff ready and picking up Syin and Ah Kee at Klang. Kelvin called me and said everyone is there  except Jerry waiting at Burger King(it’s actually a mamak stall’s nickname located at Taman United, Old Klang Road)


I reached Burger King at 9:30am, in the haste I open up my boot and place some weight to dsc02075the other car. We drove to Shell to get some petrol and head to Jalan Kuching through Federal Highway. Ralf got a call from Jerry saying that he will meet us at Selayang Caltex petrol station near the Pasar Borong(Wet Market).  We drove from Jalan Kuching following the Selayang town signage and we will come to this Pasar Borong on the right and Caltex is just further in front.


While Waiting for Jerry

We had our freshly packed Nasi Lemak from Klang, it was still hot andsc02077d the sambal is just delicious. Some of us getting some mineral water and we try to organize a bit. We were gossiping about Jerry’s promise of 15 minute. Ah Keen and Ralf was a long friend of Jerry, they said Jerry’s 1 minute is not 60 seconds but 600 seconds. I was laughing so hard and I suggested we wait for 30 minute max. He arrived sharply in 30minutes.


image339We left at 10:30am and continue back to the main road. During the journey we will be able to see the signage “Hutan Lipur Sg Kanching” in red color.  We keep on following the sign till we see the signage shown a U turn. We made a U turn at the traffic light and keep following the signage till we see a LEFT turn arrow. Ta….Da… We have arrived!!!



At the Entrance

image342We were stopped by a guy holding some tickets. We paid RM 2 for the car park and RM 1 for each person. There is a lot of car and I can see many people at the entrance too.





Here is what we are going to carry for our picnic


         Our own bag

         BIG Coldman icebox

         BIG plastic container

         A bag of raw food

         A bag of charcoal

         2 BIG bag of variety stuff


Kelvin said that we look like we are going for army camp. Muahahaha.. I think it was too much to buy so many foods. Sigh! =.=”” I’m sorry guys, I really scared you all will starve to death and no strength to hike down hill.


We were trying to snap group photo at the entrance and we asked the help of the ice-cream man. This man just stares at us and said he will help us if we buy some of his ice-cream. Ralf just said thank you and we left that place. *Shake head* What a realistic man?


The trekking

We walk a long cemented pathway and there is monkeys and baboon everywhere. We dsc02087reached the 2nd waterfall which had a very nice setup for picnickers and lots of people were playing at the pond under the waterfall. You will find the picture through the blog above.


We passed the waterfall and found a flight of stairs to climb. I think there is almost 100 steps. We walk a bit and rest for while until we reached the 3rd waterfall. Steven looks so terrible, his fdsc02089ace and lips really whiten and his eyes look like the panda’s eyes. I was worried and I ask him to rest and catch some breathe before keep moving. Ken Lim keeping Steven accompanied and together, I and Allan continue the journey.


We came up to the 4th waterfall and the place is already occupied and we continue to walk till we reached the 5th waterfall. It was also occupied by a group of Malay young adults in their undies.. Hahhaa..


Finally we decided to walk one more waterfall further up and we reached the 6th waterfall. This place is occupied by a group of Korean student, I think. So we waited there till they left the place and we moved in. It took us almost 1 hour to reach this spot.


The fun begins..

Picture and title shows a lot. The water is very cold and the air is really clean.dsc02127 It shivers when you off the water and it is great just sit under the waterfall. You can really feel rejuvenate and the pressure of waterfall is just hard enough to give you a good massage feel. I had great time having my Nasi Lemak with water splashing on my back. The sambal hot with the cold water flowing through my body and feet gives me warmth and luxury senses.


dsc02092 dsc02100 dsc02129 dsc02128 dsc02139 dsc02104




I tried to made my ROTI LILIT but to my disappointment, I done it wrongly and the whole stuff turn waste. However, I wrap it with aluminium foil and dump it into the fire and let it cook itself. It works but the taste.. Errmm.. Needless to say..  



We keep BBQ-ing but it seems the meat I bought is too thick and our fire is not hot enough to cook these meat. We even finished up the 5KG charcoal and I have to walk dsc02141to the woods and chops some dry branches to keep our fire up.


Jerry was trying to trick us by pouring ice into our undies. He grab me and start pouring ice cubes into my undies and shirt. Let me tell you that the ice is not colder than the waterfall. Haha.. Finally, we grouped up to overpower Jerry and pour him the whole 7-11 ice cube pack filled with water. He was giggling and shivering in cold, that was the ultimate expression that we missed to capture on camera. URGH!!


Time to leave

The whole time during the picnic, we make sure all rubbish went into the garbage bag we brought. During packing, we clean up the place and packed the garbage to broughtimage3511 down to the entrance’s rubbish bin. We love nature and we should preserved it. Even there is rubbish around the area but it didn’t make us being a part of the inconsiderate and irresponsible human.


image357Less one person to litter, it can makes a huge different. During our trekking back down to the entrance, we found a Malay guy’s IC and driving license. We pick ’em up and hand it over to the authority at the entrance. It doesn’t take a long journey down compared earlier we went up there.


Dinner time

We drove back to KL at 5:30pm and we had dinner at this Restoran Seng Keeimage349 next to MBA at Jalan Petaling. The food was not bad but the Sang Har Mee was the most delicious dish. The dishes were Sambal Vegetable, Shui Taufu, Zhi Chap Kai, Vegetable Soup, Sizzling Japanese Taufu and Sang Har Mee. Everything cost us about RM150. However it was a good deal that feed 10 people.


Going Home

That’s it for the whole trip. Everyone is statisfied and happy with the outing. Many glad they had come and they were amazed by their own capability

Draw by chillicandy

Draw by chillicandy

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